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A quick line with Aaron Aziz

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A quick line with Aaron Aziz

We get hold of Aaron Aziz, lead actor of local films 'KL Gangster', 'Pisau Cukur' and 'KL Drift' for a quick chat. Besides holding the title of Malaysia's ultimate leading man, Aaron is also L'Oreal spokesperson for their men's skincare line. When he's not busy being busy, he spends his time at home with his wife and two kids. Talk about being the perfect package.

When you first started off in this line, were you ever shy in front of the camera?
Not just shy, I was very bad! I was bad in the auditions, there used to be ten takes, fifteen takes until we got it right. It was an ongoing learning process but I didn’t go for any classes or training.

How did you train for the fight scenes in 'KL Gangster'?
Honestly speaking, we didn’t train a lot. Most of it was done on the set. The choreography is based mostly on the duration of the fights and how complex our fight scenes were supposed to be. It was tiring compared to KL Drift because that was more towards cars. And it was tough on the crew as well because I told them I’m not a robot and they had to really rehearse and get the shot right.

Did you do all the stunts yourself or did you have stunt doubles?
We only had the stunt double when I fell onto the glass table. That’s about it.

Do you let your kids watch your films?

You’ve been in a lot of high-profile ‘the-hero-saves-the-day’ type roles. Do you see yourself venturing into other types of roles?

I do. That’s why I’m slowly making myself do theatre. Consistency is very important in theatre. And the pressure when people who come to watch especially the VIPs, it brings out the food that you digested one hour ago [laughs]. I’ll be in ‘Badai Semalam’ in November, it’s very popular and it’ll be me and Erra Fazira.

We suppose you get recognised on the streets a lot? What’s the most a fan has done for you? Or to you?
They bought me a Blackberry.

Excuse me?
They insist on me using a Blackberry. A few of them combined and bought me one. But I’m still not using it yet. I’m an iPhone guy. But I mean, I’m blessed to have nice fans, they’re not too fanatic because they know that I’m married.

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