Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Ombak Rindu

Admin and CMs are planning to watch Ombak Rindu movie on the first day showing (1st December 2011) together with all #aaronators. 

Time : Around 8 pm.

Venue : Cineleisure , e@Curve, Damansara

Kalau berminat, then you can give your full name as per registered name to ShakinahKinah k. Sorang #aaronators can bring along maximum 3 people.  Give your guests name as well k.

Come and have fun watching Ombak Rindu with all of us! Support our beloved Aaron Aziz! ;)

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Promo Lauching Habil & Qabil for StarHub Channel Spore

Date : 18 Sept 2011
Venue : City Square Mall Spore
Promo #Habil & Qabil, Aaron Aziz  with Zed Zaidi for StarHub TV Services’ Channel 123 on wekend 8.30pm

semoga rezeki Aaron Aziz dan keluarga semakin mencurah2 dan diberkati Allah S.w.t.Keep on supporting him

Regard & lots love 
Admin Team Aaronators Fc

Monday, 19 September 2011

Meeting with Aaronators at Mutiara Hotel

Venue: Mutiara Hotel, JB
Time: 11 pm - 11.30 pm
Date: 17 September 2011

Much love;

Congratulation Aaron Aziz!

Congratulation Aaron Aziz on your latest endorsement as the ambassador by M7!!!

Pictures credit to Mutiara Motors

Much love;

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Mutiara Hotel on 17th

Aaron Aziz will be at Mutiara Hotel for a launching event this 17th at 8pm. Aaronators yang pergi akan dapat exclusive meet and greet with him after the event. You guys just have to wait kat lobby hotel je k. Fara akan lead u guys kat sana. Too bad that, us (CMs) can't join u alls. Have fun meeting him there! 

This is the opportunity for JBians yang teringin nak jumpa Aaron Aziz live! So, make sure be there to support him!

Singaporeans do waiting him cuz the next day, he will be there pulak. 

Much love ;

Friday, 9 September 2011

1st event Suprised meet with Aaron Aziz

salam here we put a pix from our 1st and the begining journey of our Aaronators ,this event actually was planned and setup by our syantek ms president Wani n vice president Ezza with his lovely gorgeous wife Diyana Halik .Kami semua tidak mengenali satu sama lain semua bermula di #tweeter n #facebook betapa la bermaknanya social networking tu,kerana dua link tu terlahirlah #AARONATORS...

date : 12th july 2011 a day b4 Aaron N Diyana fly off to umrah
venue : Galare cafe Ecurve
time : 3.30 pm

so enjoy the pix..hope you all suka la ye

for info actually gathering ni hanya untuk bagi  BB kepada Aaron Aziz sebab hp lama nya sudah rosak berkecai  .we collect the money seikhlas mungkin untuk untuk beli new phone.Gladly we make it and we honored that he accept a small gift from the bottom of our heart.last but not least he was very superb awesome person ..so terusla support his career and pray the best for our Heroes Aaron Aziz ..May god bless him and us ...

ini link artikel dimana Aaron Aziz mention about the BB yang a part of Aaronators beli .

regard and lots love
Admin Team Aaronators Fc