History of Aaronators

Aaronators ditubuhkan by Me and Raheeza. We made an account on twitter that is @AaronAzizFever sebab looks like everyone demam AA. Since AA punya lakonan terutamanya dalam Nora Elena, bagi kesan yang mendalam pada semua orang. Hehe.

Then, i asked Raheeza, to come out dengan fan name. She gave me three names and i picked one that is Aaronators. Then we started to tweet and brag about it. Hahaha!

After that, followers on twitter increase and then one day Azurin asked me, Why not buat this account as official? And i said why not? that's a good idea. But before that i did Google about AA's FC and basically found nothing. So i guess he doesnt have FC lah at the moment. We all tak nak la Syok Sendiri je kan. So we need to confirm everything dulu. After dah searched semua, baru I DMed him on twitter cakap yang one of the followers nak buat this account as official and he said "Okay. Go! haha"

I'm so over excited about it and started to brag about it again. Hahaha! I told everyone about it and yes they were all positive time tu. Alhamdulillah. Then, wujud lah AaronatorsFC! 

So, basically, that's all about the history of Aaronators. Simple je. Hehe.

Oh yeah! We finally dapat his endorsement untuk proposal FC ni.

Thanks all for your support!
Muchlove ;